Got Some Questions About The 'Formula 1 Lotto System'?
If You Have, You'll Find All

The Answers Here.


Question  I received from Jerry - South Carolina

Q. I've read that it's impossible to win Lotto using any sort of mathematical calculations. What makes your system different.

A. Thanks for the question Jerry. There are a couple of things I want to make quiet clear right now. Firstly, I'm not saying (or guaranteeing) that you're going to win the 'big Lotto prize' using the Formula 1 Lotto System. I can't do that. But what I can say is that when you use  the system your chances of winning more major prizes will go up thousands of times compared to the way you choose your numbers and play Lotto now.
     Second, the reason most so called 'learned' people want to criticize the system is because  they don't know any better. None of these 'critics'  have ever dedicated themselves to any kind of long term detailed analysis of random number games like the professor has done for the last 23 plus years (Anyone can criticize and try to discredit anything when they don't understand it). Results are what counts, and nothing else. And results are what the you'll get with the Formula 1 Lotto System.


Question  I received from Marty - New York

Q. Can you tell me exactly how your Formula 1 Lotto system works?

A. Put simply the system uses a unique formula derived from studying and analyzing mathematical progressions and the probability of reoccurring number to eliminate the millions of number combinations that won't win and removes the bad numbers out of all the equations. For example, in all my years of playing Lotto I've never seen the winning combination 9,10,11,12,13, 14. Have you? That's one example of a bad number combination.


Question  I received from Preston - Vermont USA

Q. What Lotto or Lottery games does your system work with?

A. Good Question. The Formula 1 Lotto System can be used on any Lotto or Lottery game that uses between 5 to 7 balls and up to 70 numbers. Any Lottery of Lotto game on the the USA, Canada, The British Isles, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. In my opinion though, it's good idea to stay away from the 7 ball + games . The odds are well and truly against you in those games.



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Question  I received from Judi - Austin TX

Q. Can I use your Formula 1 system on any other numbers game?

A. The short answer is...No. The Formula 1 system is specifically designed for Lotto and Lottery games, online or offline. It cannot be used on Keno, horse racing or casino betting of any type.


Question  I received from T. Chapman - Leeds UK

Q. Is the system hard to use?

A. Absolutely Not. It's so simple to work out your numbers using the software that your 12 year old son or daughter can easily do it for you.  You just follow a series of simple step-by-step instructions to create you number sequences. When that's done, you use a pen to enter the number sequences you have created onto your Lotto cards. Easy. 


Question  I received from Kenny Johnson - Buffalo NY

Q. Do I have to invest a certain amount each week to start winning?

A. No you don't. It really depends of the prices of the games in the Lotto system you play. I invest between $40 and $60 a week in the games I play. That gives me around 120 games across the different games that I play. Of course, you don't have to play that many games to be a winner. Only invest what you can comfortably afford. As you start winning more you can re-invest your winning back in if you choose. All you need to remember  is that the more games you play, the chances of you winning increase substantially.


Question  I received from Stephanie - Washington

Q. How long do I have to spend each week playing your system?

A. Once you've worked out your numbers using the number matrix (table) that comes with the system, and plotted them onto your Lotto cards, that's all you have to do. You only have to do that once (the first time you use the system). Each week from then on you just take your Lotto cards down to your local agency for registration. Of course, if you want to change you numbers at any time you have to fill out a new number matrix.


Question  I received from C. Brummell - Manchester, UK

Q. I play two Lotto games. One where you choose from 40 numbers. The other you choose from 52 numbers. Will your system work with both?

A. Definitely. The system covers any Lotto game that uses number combinations up to 70 number. The system is divides in three separate sections allowing you to choose the exact  plan to suit the Lotto or Lottery game you play.


Question  I received from Phyllis - Vermont

Q. Where else can I buy Your Formula 1 Lotto System?

A. Nowhere. You won't find the Formula 1 Lotto system software anywhere else except here on this website


Question  I received from Alan Cross - Arizona USA

Q. Can you guarantee that I'm going to win?

A. As much as I'd like to say otherwise, not you, not me, not anyone can predict what the winnings numbers in any Lotto game will be. If any system is promising you that, they are lying to you. If there was such a winning system out there, they wouldn't be trying to sell it to anyone. They'd keep it all to themselves and collect all the winnings. Wouldn't they?. To put it simply, what I can promise you is this. If you use the Formula 1 Lotto System, your chances of winning will be thousands of times greater than if you had not used the system. If the winning percentages we are getting now (83.65%) follow through to you, (which they should) you should come away a winner seven out of ten times. What really matters is that with the Formula 1 Lotto System, you will win more money, more often using it.


Question  I received from Grahame - Brisbane QLD

Q. If your system is so good, how come you're selling it so cheaply?

A. That's a question that comes up a fair bit. As a marketing person I know the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' could easily be sold for two hundred dollars. Even at that price, a player would still get their money back within a couple of months. But the $49.97 was the price the Professor wanted it sold because he felt at that price it was affordable for most people.




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Question  I received from Anthony Torres - Santa Cruz CA

Q. Has anyone ever had a big win using your system?

A. Yes. One couple in Florida won $146,783.00 Another person  from California won a second prize of $86,435.00. And our most recent big winner was from Australia who $2.5 million dollars.  But most of all, many more people (in their thousands in fact)  have gone from being losers to being winners. That's what really counts.


Question  I received from Derek - Victoria

 Q. How can I increase my chances of winning quicker using your system?

A. There's really only one way. You have to increase the number of games you play. For example I play around 140 games each week, spending around $45. But if I just played two games, my chances would be nowhere near as good. Most importantly though, please remember this. Make sure that no matter how much you invest playing your Lotto or Lottery games, that it's money you can afford to lose because winning can take some time.


Q. What games  does the Formula 1 Lotto System work with?

A. Here are a list of the games built in to the Formula 1 Lotto System software:


5 ball 27 numbers

5 ball 28 numbers

5 ball 30 numbers
5 ball 32 numbers
5 ball 32/25 numbers
5 ball 33 numbers
5 ball 34 numbers
5 ball 35 numbers
5 ball 36 numbers
5 ball 37 numbers
5 ball 38 numbers
5 ball 39 numbers
5 ball 40 numbers
5 ball 41 numbers
5 ball 42 numbers
5 ball 43 numbers
5 ball 44 numbers
5 ball 45 numbers
5 ball 46 numbers

6 ball 30 numbers

6 ball 31 numbers

6 ball 32 numbers

6 ball 33 numbers
6 ball 34/10 numbers

6 ball 35 numbers

6 ball 36 numbers

6 ball 37 numbers
6 ball 38 numbers

6 ball 39 numbers
6 ball 40 numbers
6 ball 41 numbers
6 ball 42 numbers
6 ball 43 numbers
6 ball 44 numbers
6 ball 45 numbers
6 ball 46 numbers
6 ball 47 numbers
6 ball 48 numbers
6 ball 49 numbers
6 ball 50 numbers
6 ball 51 numbers
6 ball 52 numbers
6 ball 53 numbers
6 ball 54 numbers

6 ball 55 numbers

6 ball 56 numbers

6 ball 57 numbers

6 ball 58 numbers

6 ball 59 numbers

Australian Gold Lotto
Australian National Lotto
Australian Oz Lotto
Australian PowerBall,
California lotto,
California Super Lotto Plus,
Canadian lotto,
Canadian Super 7,
Delaware 6/38,
Denmark 7/36
Florida 6/53
Florida lotto,
Florida Mega Money
French Lotto 6/49,
German Lotto 6/49,
Illinois Little Lotto 5/39
Iowa 5/35
Iowa PowerBall 5/53/42,
Irish Lotto 6/42
Italy 6/90
Kansas Cash 6/35
Kentucky lotto,
Lotto 649
Mega Millions 1/56-46
Minnesota Gopher 5/42
New Jersey Big Game,

New Mexico Powerball 6/49/42
New York 6/59
Pennsylvania 6/69
Powerball 5/49-42 (old)

Powerball 5/59-39 (New)
Singapore Toto
South African Lotto

South Africa Powerball 5/45 - 20
South Australian Lotto
Spanish Elgordo Lottery,
Spanish Lotto 6/49,
Sweden 7/35
Swiss Lotto 6/45,

Texas lotto,
Texas Powerball 6/44-44 (new}
Texas Two Step
The Big Game 5/50
Trinidad & Tobago 5/36
UK British lottery,
UK National Lottery Game
USA Colorado Lotto
USA Connecticut Classic Lotto
USA Hot Lotto
USA Indiana Hoosier Lottery
USA Lotto South
USA Louisiana Lotto
USA Maryland Lotto
USA Mega Millions
USA Missouri Lotto
USA National Cash Winfall
USA PowerBall
Washington 5/43-23


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