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Important Update...

This is a VERY LIMITED OPPORTUNITY to anyone who wants the freedom and power of NEVER having any money worries ever again.

On the following page I'm going to show you the exact secret weapon I've used to win over $425,576 with lotto in the last 10 years...

... (Yes, that's $425,576 in lotto winnings!!!)

Plus, I'll show you letters, emails and case studies from REAL PEOPLE who have been  exploiting a closely guarded piece of software that has made dramatic changes to their lifestyle all from playing lotto and winning...

Here are just a FEW of the real-life stories you'll find on this page:

Megan Larrison,
She won over $25,548 only in 29 games so far -- and now life's a lot easier!

Justin Clark,
A teenager made $17,398 in the last 6 months -- playing only one ticket every week!

Jane Stevens,
This 35-year-old woman made $43,546 in just two years -- the first ticket brought her $5,600!

Marc Bradley,
This 49-year-old lotto player made over
$157,000.00 last year
in one game playing just 8 tickets -- and finally was able to purchase a new house for his family!

Alan C

(surname withheld for security reasons)

He hit the JACKPOT- 2.5 million Australian dollars -- even though he was computer illiterate!

Anthony Stewart,
Now, he is making around £2,000 every month (give or take £300 or £400)--and is thinking about quitting one of his two job too!

... Read the details of how they did it below.



From: Glen Hooke, IT Engineer

The Most Important Day Of Your Life


Welcome Lotto Enthusiast,

If you've always imagined what would be like to have the FORTUNE of WINNING THE ULTIMATE LOTTO PRIZE...

... Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

You're about to find out the amazing method I've used to WIN $425,576 in the last 10 years...

Even better, I'll give you the perfect weapon to "rob" the lotteries vaults -- by using the secret formula of an MIT professor.


But before I get to that, let me just share with you some of the wonderful results that our "students" have been having from using our "weapon":



Here are just a few of the hundreds of emails I've


received from people just like you...



... People all over the world are winning CASH prizes

every single week - using this "weapon":


“She won over $25,548 only in 29 games so far!”*

For Megan, her son Alex is the most important thing in the world. At his recommendation, she bought Formula 1 Lotto Winning System and started playing for fun. Soon after...

… She made enough money to send her son to college and buy a new car, just in three months!

Today Megan is a regular player, paying her family expenses from the money she is wining at the Lotto every month.

To thank us, Megan had sent us a letter, regarding her experience with Formula 1 Lotto System.

Email from Megan...

Re: Formula 1 Lotto

“Having a life that he would only
dream before about it”

Justin is a normal teenager. He had a dead-end job at a fast food restaurant, many dreams and a lot less money than today.

He's always been a bit of a gambler, and after reading about our lotto system, he decided it's a must have.

Boy, have things turned around for Justin.

Just in the first 6 months, playing lotto with our system, Justin made a staggering $17,398.

Email from Justin...

Your Lotto System



Here is how the SECRET WEAPON for winning the lottery prizes was born...

("And why it was destined to be
YOUR MAGIC WAND for winning the lottery!")

I have a confession to make ...

I had an obsession with winning big at lotto. I tried hundreds of methods hoping that maybe... just maybe... it will happen for me:

lucky numbers from every member of my family...

lines and diagonals that looked good on paper...

putting all the numbers on small pieces of paper and extracting them from a hat...

trying to "dream" numbers at night so I could envision the lucky ticket...

and this is only the beginning...

Needless to say, every time I was watching on TV the actual draw of the numbers ... all my hopes were smashed down... with every single number.

So 5 years ago, after throwing over $28,000 down the toilet, I almost decided to stop playing lotto once and for all....

Luckily, I met Professor R., the Math Statistics Genius from the
prestigious MIT University...

The way it happened was freakish really.


We were sitting next to each other at a bar one night.


 The TV was on in the bar, and the lotto draw came on.


I pulled out my lotto tickets as usual and started to check off my numbers as they were drawn.


At the same time I noticed this guy sitting near me pull out a note book, and his lotto tickets and he started checking of his numbers as well.


As usual, when the draw was over,  I was unhappy because I got just one number. But when I glanced across at this other guy, he has this big grin on his face. Now I just couldn't resist asking him what he'd won (because I knew he'd won something).


I was stunned when he told me that he'd hit 5 numbers out of 6 in one game, and I asked him how much he won...


To my shock he said he hadn't actually 'played' those numbers in a real game. In fact he said he was just monitoring the numbers as a hobby.


Can you believe it!


Anyway, I started asking questions, and an hour later, I had found out that he was a well respected Professor at a nearby University and that the he has discovered a formula for choosing lotto numbers that will win 8 out of 10 times (!!!)...


I was stunned!...


After twisting his arm, and practically begging him for countless weeks after that meeting, he agreed to let me independently "field-test" his formula and methods...in real life.


To make a long story short, I used my IT expertise to develop a unique step-by-step software using the professors exact methods and formulas that he had compiled over the last 27 years of analyzing more than 150 lotto games from just about every country in the world..


 Now, programming 27 years worth of lotto numbers data and designing  complex numerical algorithms, took 3 programmers 17 months to complete, and when it was done, the professor agreed to allow my software to be shared with a randomly selected group of other people, just to see what the results would be.....


That was over 10 years ago.

Since then, the results of the professors systems and formulas which have been built into this powerful software are regularly and consistently delivering, results (and cash in the pockets) of the system users.

The results you see below are from just a few users of this powerful software. And they need no more comments...

"Read the emails from REAL PEOPLE
already using this software...

(You'll notice they come from all over the world, playing any type of lottery game whatsoever!)"

“Formula 1 Lotto System is my good luck charm"*

Jane quit her day job. Using our software, she plays a few hours per week, wining more than enough to support her family and live a great life.

Last year alone she won over $43,546. Pretty good for a 35 years-old woman.

Email from Jane...

 Re: Formula 1 Lotto


“The best “job” that he ever had"*

Marc is a manager. He used to play a lot and lose almost every time. So, when he found out that there is a solution like ours, he took a decisive shot at it.

And boy, what a shot that was...

In his first year using this system, he won more than $157,000 .

Here's the email Marc sent...

Re: Lotto Software


'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System'™

The Magic Secret Weapon for Pumping Money from Lotteries' Vaults Directly into Your Bank Accounts...

I don't want to get into too many details about how powerful this software is...

All that is really important to you are these facts:


1) It works. The formulas used to make the software were discovered by Professor R., the MIT statistical genius... It's genuine...and it's taken more than 27 years to perfect!

- Moreover, you've seen the kind of success stories it generated for me and for other people, all over the world. --


2) You can use it for the lotto game in YOUR country.

In fact, it works for any type of major lottery game world-wide....

All the 5 ball games 6 ball games, (these are the games with the best winning odds and most prize money to be won) -  You can even play 7 ball games (although these are really tough to win because the win percentages are astronomical).

(By the way I highly recommend  you forget about playing 3 and 4 ball games. They are a total waste of your money with regard to winning % odds)


3) You WILL know how to use the software.

There are only 2 requirements:

1. You need to know basic English. Check!
2. You need to know how to point and click with your mouse. Check!


In Fact, Why Don't I Just Quickly  Show You How Easy It Is To Use The
'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System'

There are only 4 steps to it... and you can do it in less than 5 minutes:

Step #1
Choose the game you want to play in from the drop down box*(For all US games or International games) - See the full list of games below

(*You can choose between: 5 Balls 32 Numbers, 5 Balls 23/25 Numbers, 6 Balls 30 Numbers, 6 Balls 49 Numbers, 6 Balls 54 Numbers, Australian Lotto 6/45, Australia Powerball 6/45, California Super Lotto Plus, Canadian Super 7, Delaware 6/38, Denmark 7/36, Euro Millions, Florida Mega Money, Illinois Little Lotto. Iowa 5/45, Italy 6/90, Kansas Cash 6/35, Mega Millions, Minnesota 5/42, New Mexico Powerball, New York 6/59, Pennsylvania 6/69, Powerball 5/55-42, Sweden 7/35, Texas Two Step, The Big Game 5/50, Trinidad & Tobago 5/36, UK National Lottery Game, Washington 5/43-23 and on and on... This list is only for starters... Any type of lotto game you play, the software has it...) see the full list below



Step #2

You can choose any game on that list. I chose "Florida Fantasy 5 and clicked "SUBMIT".



Step #3

Choose your numbers from the unique sequencing options that you have available in the dropdown boxes

(In this step, the secret algorithm of Professor R. will let you choose only the specific winning combinations of numbers... So you're bullet-proof to use the winning formula correctly.)



After you select all the numbers click "Generate" button.


Step #4

When you click the 'Generate' button the software will generate all the Matrixes you have set.

Copy the numbers onto a piece of paper or "Print" them and you have your scientific winning numbers ready to enter into your official lotto ticket.

You can also 'Save' any game, and call it up again in the future.



Once you win, just repeat the process for more winnings... That's all it takes... It doesn't get any better than this...



If you're still not convinced, you can see a demonstration of the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' in action. 



Do You Really Want The ULTIMATE Proof That The Formula 1 Lotto System IS The Best and Most Credible Lotto System ON The Market Today?

Then Let These System Users Tell You Themselves...

Listen To What Dan has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Eric has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Robert has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Renee has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Frank has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Brad has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Steven has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Scott has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button


Listen To What Greg has to say.....Just Click The PLAY button



"Of course, not ALL of my clients make MILLIONS...

But imagine -- how would YOUR life change if YOU could win an extra $100,000... $50,000 or even.... $10,000 this year?"

“When he bought the system, he didn’t
even know how to use a personal computer...”

Alan is one of our "luckiest" clients. He won a big jackpot of 2.5 millions in Australian dollars.

And when he started using the software, he didn't even know how to use computers. Apparently, that was not a problem at all...

Alan's email...

Re: Your system is a winner


“Anthony is using the system to win
more then 1,800 per month”


Anthony heard about the Formula1 Lotto System from a friend.

Although, he didn't used to be a lotto player, he decided he should try out this system.

He played at first two losing tickets. But the third one brought him ₤4,000!

Obviously, now he keeps on playing and averages about ₤800, every single month. Not bad at all....

Email from Anthony...

Lotto Winnings


"Why You Won't Find A Lotto Winning Software Like This Anywhere Else On Earth?"

The 'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System' is the only software that uses the exact and fool-proof algorithm of Professor R.

And remember...it's taken him 27 years of tireless work to perfect this process.

Before I started using his system (with this software), I'd tried countless methods on the net...

I've read books, I tried other software, I even played a bit with paranormal methods would you believe... but nothing gave me any positive result.

Using Professor R. algorithm, I was able to go from rags to riches, winning more than  $425,000 in the last 10 years...

And hundreds of people that used the same software, have won big time playing their favorite lotto games...

Moreover, most of them admitted that they had a hard time winning anything before using our software. Only some small pocket change that barely covered just a small part of the ticket costs.

"I have ONE confession to make..."

*** Warning: It's important that you know this! ***

Some people that used this software emailed me like crazy in order to stop me from selling this software. Some of them even bribed me.

That's just one part of it...

The truth is that... (I have to admit this to you...), in the beginning I didn't even want to hear about "sharing" this system with other people...

However, Professor R. told me that he would only give me his method if I also offered his method to other people as well.

At first, I thought that other people using this method will make it less powerful. But then I realized that millions (maybe tens of millions) of people play lotto all over the planet.

It doesn't really matter if a couple of hundred lucky people get to use his  method that we've used with tremendous success.

That's why, I'm even happy now to share some of the good fortune that I had during the past years, because I get to hear about the successes of others.

I mean....

... You've met Megan Larrison who made $25,548 (USD) playing 29 games so far.

... You've met Justin Clark who filled his pockets with $17,398 (USD) in the last 6 months, playing just one ticket every week.

... You've met 34-year-old woman Jane Stevens who won $43,546 and managed to change her life for good!

... You've met Marc Bradley, a middle-age manager that have won $157,000 last year only...and finally bought a new house.

...You've met Alan C who won a big JACKPOT--$2.5 million Australian dollar.

... You've met Anthony Stewart a young man from London that have made a living from playing Lotto, and is making ₤2,000 every month,


... Almost all of these people had a pretty average life, before they got our step-by-step software to change their luck once and for all...

It's good to know that most of them were 'regular' people who just wanted a better life for themselves and for their loved ones...

But here's what I need to confess:

The fact is, I could say that you'll have access to the *same* software that I've shared with all of the success stories you've read about here.

But this wouldn't be the exact case...

Because you'll be getting access to the *newest* and improved  of the "Formula 1 Lotto Winning System" which is updated EVERY WEEK.

Because I really want you to win the lottery (like I do), here is my astonishing 12 month 'no-lose' guaranteed promise :

"Win at LEAST $1,000 in 1 year... or I'll give you $10 out of MY OWN wallet!"

If you play using The 'Formula 1Lotto System' for one year (and follow the formula), I expect you to win the bare minimum of $1000. Otherwise...

I'll give you your money back, and...

I'll compensate you with $10 on top of your refund just for your "trouble".

That's right! Not only will you get your money back, I'll also give you $10 right from my pocket.

Just send me proof with the tickets you played using the 'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System' and you can take my promise to the bank.

Have I gone crazy to give such promises?

Not at all... The truth is that in reality, I expect anyone using the software to win an absolute bare minimum of $1,000 playing Lotto... So if you do the Math, you will see that I sit pretty comfortably.

So no matter what happens....YOU CAN'T LOSE OUT!.

It's  a total win-win for you!



So How Much Better Is The Formula 1 Lotto System Compared To All The Others?


The simple fact is that I don't do to much research to find out about other systems on the market because I know there is NO OTHER system that even comes close to the Professors system.


But you be the judge...


Here is a simple chart comparing the Formula 1 Lotto System, with what I know about other systems on the market.


Feature Comparison Checklist

system type

Formula 1 Lotto System

Other Systems

Countries Played


All countries world wide. excluding countries that have 90 ball games.


Most games worldwide. But not updated regularly.


Very Low


Some systems are low priced, others are priced high.


On Going Cost


NO ONGOING COSTS - EVER. except the purchase of your tickets required at your lotto store.


Some systems have monthly on- going charges to use the system. Some charge you for each game you generate using their system.

Success %


87% plus success rate. Win 8.7 games out of 10 games played.


Not disclosed

Set-Up Time


Set up and have your numbers generated in 5 minutes. NO manual work to be done except to fill out your lotto tickets.



30 minute to read 100 + page users manual. 30 minutes to manually work out and plot in numbers.


Ease Of Use


Very Simple and easy to use.



Some systems are very complex to understand. Mistakes are easily made making the system ineffective.




Weekly Updates FREE of charge


No free updates

Effectiveness and Credibility 


The most respected lotto system now for 27 years. First sold offline for 14 years and now online for 8 years. Still creating more winners than any other system


Many lotto systems have suddenly 'appeared' on the internet with not an ounce of credibility to back them up. Sadly many are fraudulent systems designed to scam people. BE AWARE!  



Instant Delivery - No Waiting - Immediately after you order you can get access to the F1LS software straight away, so that you can start using the system and winning immediately.


Multiple days or weeks for deliver of manuals



12 months - you win or your money back guarantee.




Not only do you get all that, but here are a few more of the emails I keep getting, day in, day out...

Win With Lotto's No 1 Winning System,
Just Like These People:

“Bob, bought his dream car priced at $58,000 in cash”

Bob worked as a sales man. He was trapped in the "rat race" and couldn't afford almost anything...

However, one day, his wife bought the software for him as a present. The rest is history...

Bobs email...

RE: Lotto 1 Software

"He made $137,584 (USD) in the last 9 months..."*


Life for Mike was pretty dull. He is coming from a poor Detroit neighborhood but now every problem he ever had is solved.

Buying the software at a recommendation of a friend, Mike played and won … $137,584 just in the last nine months.

Email from Mike...

Re: Formula 1


And it keeps getting better and better...

Not only you will get access to the 'Formula 1Lotto 1 Winning System', but you will also have the opportunity to get these exclusive.....

Limited Time 'FREE' Bonuses

Now, if you're excited about the killer new lotto software that you'll get exclusive access to (the "Formula 1 Lotto Winning System")... Then I think you're going to be over the moon by what I'm about to do next.

If you order right now you'll be entitled to receive these FOUR Super Bonuses (Valued at $106.95)

But, there's a catch....and it's this.....


The FREE Bonuses will be removed in 24 hours


So if you you don't order now, and you come back here tomorrow, thinking that these valuable bonuses will still be available, you will miss out.


I want to be sure that you have every advantage you could possibly need to guarantee your success -- and so I don't want you to miss out on this toolbox of FOUR SUPER 'FREE' BONUSES.....


So lock in your order now.





FREE Super Bonus #1:

Formula 1 Lotto System Win Predictor - Lifetime Access

($57 Value FREE)

...This bonus is using the newest algorithm that Professor R. has been working on. Being unhappy with "only" 8.7 out of 10 success rate (!), the professor found a formula that you can use if you should play a ticket for real money or not.

I immediately jumped ahead and implemented the formula straight away and named this software the 'Formula 1 Lotto System Win Predictor'

Picture this: you use your Formula 1 Lotto Winning System to calculate your lucky numbers. But before you run and put actual money into buying tickets, you use this magic piece of software to give you the exact odds you have of winning in the game you want to play....

It's like having the ability to predict the weather months in advance.

This makes winning lotto as stealing candy from a baby... It's impossible to miss...

And by using the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software with this software, I estimate that you are able to increase your odds to 9.0 winners out of 10 tickets played.

Here's  screenshot of exactly what the 'Win Predictor' software look like :

You can see, for the numbers we entered for the 'Mega Millions' game above, what chances we have for the numbers we selected will give us a win.

Take a look at the numbers in game '4'...it looks like we've got a good strong 'Green' to go signal. With the other number our chances are not going to be so good.

Can you see the power of having access to the this software?

It's just amazing what it can do. And the only people who can get access to the 'Win Predictor' software are users of the 'Formula 1 Lotto System'

So, if you have already decided to go ahead, click here to reserve your package (while this critical bonus is still available).



FREE Super Bonus #2:

Your own customized and personalized Max. Chance system For US Powerball 1/59 - 1-39 Top Prize

($49.95 Value FREE)

A few months ago, Professor R. discovered the latest pattern to cracking the US Powerball.

The usual odds of anyone winning the big prize at Powerball are approximately 1 in 150 millions...

Using Formula 1 Lotto System, although you have 8 out of 10 chances of winning at lotto, the odds to win the ultimate prize are still pretty low: about 1 in 45,413....

But, with his latest discovery, Professor X.is going to make available special number profiles made using this new special computation that will give you a 1 in 4920... (Yes, 1 in 4920 chances for the ULTIMATE LOTTERY PRIZE...)

I don't know how lucky are you feeling... but 1 in 4920 are phenomenal odds in YOUR favor when you consider that most players have only a 1 in 150,000,000 chance...

I repeat: That means 1 in 4920 chances of winning the BIG ULTRA LOTTO PRIZE....

Here' what Professor R will do for you:

  • When you order the Formula 1 Lotto System, he will use the power of his own computer system and this incredible new computation algorithm he has designed, and compile for you your own set of unique numbers for US Powerball 1/59 - 1-39  game.

  • Each game will have number profiles that are specifically for you....and you only. No one else will ever  have the number profiles you get.

  • The Professor will design enough unique number profiles for you to play 165 games of US Powerball 1/59 - 1/39.

Here's how your customized PowerPlay profiles will look when you get them.

(by the way......please don't use any of the numbers in the profiles below. They are dummy numbers, so you'll be wasting your time)


The Professor only has limited resources and limited time to be able to do these personalized number profiles for you. In fact there's a  big chances that I will have remove this bonus soon.

The decision is not yet made, but I think this discovery is really too important, to be released to too many people.

Nevertheless.... with the personalized numbers the Professor will do for you, it will give you the best chance you will ever have of winning the maximum prize in US Powerball 1/59 - 1-39.

So you need to get in quickly!

If you want to secure that chance... click here to reserve your package (while this critical bonus is still available).

NOTE: This FREE bonus of  'Customized Number Profiles' is only available for the US Powerball game.



FREE Super Bonus #3:

FREE Life-Time Upgrades To The 'Formula 1 Lotto System 'Software
($197.00 Value FREE)

That right...when you buy the Formula 1 Lotto System , you'll be entitled to receive FREE Life-Time Upgrades to the software.

When a new version of the Formula  1 Lotto System is released, you'll get a copy for FREE

If you want to secure this amazing bonus... click here to reserve your package (while this critical bonus is still available).



FREE Super Bonus #4:

A FREE copy of 'What To Do when You Win' ebook 
($19.97 Value FREE)


If you want to secure this amazing bonus... click here to reserve your package (while this critical bonus is still available).


Don't forget....the clock is ticking..... and in 24 hours I'll be removing those 4 valuable bonuses.


Have You Still Got A Few Questions or Concerns?....

....Then Let Me Answer Them All For You Right Now!


Question  I received from Jerry - South Carolina


Q. I've read that it's impossible to win Lotto using any sort of mathematical calculations. What makes your system different.


A. Thanks for the question Jerry. There are a couple of things I want to make quiet clear right now. Firstly, I'm not saying (or guaranteeing) that you're going to win the 'big Lotto prize' using the Formula 1 Lotto System. I can't do that.(And NO 'honest and legitimate' System can promise that you'll win the big prize). But what I can say is that when you use Formula 1 Lotto System your chances of winning more major prizes will go up thousands of times compared to the way you choose your numbers and play Lotto now.

     Second, the reason most so called 'learned' people want to criticize the system is because  they don't know any better. None of these 'critics'  have ever dedicated themselves to any kind of long term detailed analysis of random number games like the professor has done for the last 27 plus years (Anyone can criticize and try to discredit anything when they don't understand it). Results are what counts, and nothing else. And results are what the you'll get with the Formula 1 Lotto System.




Question  I received from Marty - New York


Q. Can you tell me exactly how your Formula 1 Lotto system works?


A. Put very, very simply, the system uses a unique formula derived from studying and analyzing mathematical progressions and the probability of reoccurring numbers to eliminate the millions of number combinations that won't win and removes the bad numbers out of all the equations. For example, in all my years of playing Lotto I've never seen the winning combination 9,10,11,12,13, 14. Have you? That's one example of a bad number combination.


This lotto formula has taken 27 years and tens of thousands of man-hours to develop and perfect to the point where the Formula 1 Lotto System is the most respected lotto system available today.





Question  I received from Preston - Vermont USA


Q. What Lotto or Lottery games does your system work with?


A. Good Question. The Formula 1 Lotto System can be used on any Lotto or Lottery game that uses between 5 to 7 balls and up to 70 numbers. Any Lottery of Lotto game on the the USA, Canada, The British Isles, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. In my opinion though, it's good idea to stay away from the 7 ball + games . The odds are well and truly against you in those games.


Here's a list of just some of the lotto games worldwide that you can  use the Formula 1 Lotto System with:


US Games  - By State




NOTE: We have many more game listed in our database which are not displayed above.

If you don't see the lotto game you play in the above list, just ASK US and I guarantee we'll have it



 International Games



NOTE: We have many more International games listed in our database which are not displayed above.

If you don't see the lotto game you play in the above list, just ASK US and I guarantee we'll have it.





Question  I received from Judi - Austin TX


Q. Can I use your Formula 1 system on any other numbers game?


A. The short answer is...No. The Formula 1 system is specifically designed for 5, 6 and 7 ball Lotto and Lottery games, online or offline. It cannot be used on Keno, horse racing or casino betting of any type.




Question  I received from T. Chapman - Leeds UK


Q. Is the system hard to use?


A. Absolutely Not. It's so simple to work out your numbers using the software that your 12 year old son or daughter can easily do it for you.  You just follow a series of simple step-by-step instructions to create you number sequences. When that's done, you use a pen to enter the number sequences you have created onto your Lotto cards. Easy. 




Question  I received from Kenny Johnson - Buffalo NY


Q. Do I have to invest a certain amount each week to start winning?


A. No you don't. It really depends of the prices of the games in the Lotto system you play. I invest between $40 and $60 a week in the games I play. That gives me around 120 games across the different games that I play. Of course, you don't have to play that many games to be a winner. Only invest what you can comfortably afford. As you start winning more you can re-invest your winning back in if you choose. All you need to remember  is that the more games you play, the chances of you winning increase substantially.




Question  I received from Stephanie - Washington


Q. How long do I have to spend each week playing your system?


A. Once you've worked out your numbers using the number matrix (table) that is part of the system, and plotted them onto your Lotto cards, that's all you have to do. You only have to do that once (the first time you use the system). Each week from then on you just take your Lotto cards down to your local agency for registration. Of course, if you want to change you numbers at any time you have to fill out a new number matrix.




Question  I received from Phyllis - Vermont


Q. Where else can I buy Your Formula 1 Lotto System?


A. Nowhere. You won't find the Formula 1 Lotto system software anywhere else except here on this website





Question  I received from Craig - Melbourne


Q. Can I get your Formula 1 Lotto System on CD posted to my home?


A. No Craig. Sorry. The Formula 1 Lotto system software is a members only software that you access via a special secure website.




Question  I received from Margaret - Bristol UK


Q. Can I pay for the Formula 1 Lotto System by posting you a check or money order. I don't like to pay by credit card


A. Unfortunately, we can only accept payment for the Formula 1 Lotto system by Credit Card online via our secure order page.  You can also use PayPal.




Question  I received from Alan Cross - Arizona USA


Q. Can you guarantee that I'm going to win?


A. As much as I'd like to say otherwise ...no-one, not you, not me, not anyone can predict what the winnings numbers in any Lotto game will be. If any system is promising you that, they are lying to you. If there was such a winning system out there, they wouldn't be trying to sell it to anyone. They'd keep it all to themselves and collect all the winnings. Wouldn't they?. To put it simply, what I can promise you is this. If you use the Formula 1 Lotto System, your chances of winning will be thousands of times greater than if you had not used the system. If the winning percentages we are getting now (87%) follow through to you'll come away a winner eight out of ten times. What really matters is that with the Formula 1 Lotto System, you will win more money, more often using it.




Question  I received from Grahame - Brisbane QLD


Q. If your system is so good, how come you're selling it so cheaply?


A. That's a question that comes up a fair bit. As a marketing person I know the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' could easily be sold for two hundred dollars or more. Even at that price, a player would still get their money back within a couple of months. But the Professor wanted to make the price of the system very affordable so everyone could easily afford t use it.




Question  I received from Anthony Torres - Santa Cruz CA


Q. Has anyone ever had a big win using your system?


A. Yes. One couple in Florida won $146,783.00 Another person  from California won a second prize of $86,435.00. And our most recent big winner was from Australia who $2.5 million dollars.  But most of all, many more people (in their thousands in fact)  have gone from being losers to being winners, and are now winning regular cash prizes. And that's what really counts.




Question  I received from Derek - Victoria


 Q. How can I increase my chances of winning quicker using your system?


A. There's really only one way. You have to increase the number of games you play. For example I play around 140 games each week, spending around $45. But if I just played two games, my chances would be nowhere near as good. Most importantly though, please remember this. Make sure that no matter how much you invest playing your Lotto or Lottery games, that it's money you can afford to lose because winning can take some time.





Please take the time to read this  Personal Message  from Professor Robert, the developer of this system...(it's a really important message because it can save you from being conned and  ripped-off)




My name is Professor Robert, and I am the developer of the Formula 1 Lotto system.

I rarely sit down a to write a message like this, but I felt I had no choice because I'm really angry and frustrated.

I don't want to be too sensational about this, but if you play any Lotto game, then I need you to read the rest of this letter very carefully because....


I know that a very harsh statement to make, and I don't like saying it, but please keep reading and you'll realize exactly what’s been happenings.

I'm 64 years old, and have been a professor of mathematics for almost 30 years

I'm also of the ‘old school’, and I believe that a man’s word is his bond, and honesty is the only policy.

That might be old hat thinking to some, but to me it’s the code I have always lived my life by.

Unfortunately, with the Internet now being a big part of all our every day lives, I've seen a huge increase in numbers of crooks, scam artist - con men (and women) and an assorted collection of ‘low-life’s who’s only intention is to rip-off as much money from people as they possibly can.

And now, these scam artists and low-life reprobates have found there way into my field......the ‘lotto’ field.

Just last week I did my own investigation, and within a few minutes of searching I was alarmed to find five different so called ‘lotto systems’ that have suddenly appeared on the Internet. (I'm sure you've seen those types of sites where you see the photos of the big houses and all the cars they supposedly owned)

I know there are probably more out there, but finding five was enough to get the scam bells ringing in my head..

I thought to myself......"how can so many supposed legitimate 'lotto systems' possibly be available"

When I read the details about these so called ‘systems’, I was horrified that there are people out there who are deliberately setting out to deceive people by trying to pass them selves off as being 'lotto experts', with a 'system', when in fact they have nothing of the sort.

It was obvious to me that they had seen the success the Formula 1 Lotto System had in helping people to win lotto, so they thought they'd could just put together some sort of book on how to select lotto numbers....call it a ‘system’, and then blatantly lie to people about the how effective it was, even though it had only been on the market for mere weeks.

I'd love to tell you the names of these deceptive sites, but that might leave me open to some sort of legal action, so I won't do it now.

Maybe I'm naive, but I was just dumbfounded when I found out that people could do this.

I spent 27 years of my life developing the Formula 1 Lotto System into the most respected and effective winning lotto system on Internet, and I will do everything in my power to protect its reputation and.... my credibility.

And that’s why I'm writing this personal message to you today, because.....

....I don't want to see YOU get ripped off by these people!

So the lesson I hope you'll take away from reading this is that t
here is only one Formula 1 Lotto System and you can only get it from this web site.

If you've come across any other site that tries to portray to you that they have some sort of miracle so called... ‘lotto system’, can I suggest that you be extremely cautious, otherwise you will most assuredly be ripped off and lose your hard earned money.

Please take care, and I wish you every success using my system.

Kind Regards

Professor Robert

PS. One last thing I forgot to mention. Unlike all those other so called lotto systems, the Formula 1 Lotto System is updated weekly which means you will alway have the most up to date system working for you. It's never out of date.




So Now Are You Ready To Play Lotto For Massive Winnings?

(And Really Start Fulfilling Every Single
Item On Your Dream-World Wish List?)

Although it may sound a bit strange... when I started winning big money  at lotto, I wasn't even ready for it...

At first...I didn't really know what to do with the cash I was winning.....

First I visited the shops... and bought all the electronic gadgets that I needed (and the ones that I didn't needed!)...

But after a while... I had to stop and really think....

So here's a list to give you just a few ideas, so when you win the lotto you will not be caught by total surprise (like I was...):

You can buy a fancy new car. Yes.... that car we both know that you longed for it ... for so much time.

You can purchase your dream new house... or at least have a huge deposit to put on one.

You can take a trip around the world to visit every single beautiful country... (Hmmm... maybe except North Korea...)

You can finally go to the one you really love... and buy something special so you will create a dazzling impression...

You can send your kids to the greatest college in the country (or put just little money aside for that, in case you don't have kids yet. Recommended.)

You can buy a cool yacht to live a life full of luxury...

You can help your parents to get everything they've always desired...

And most importantly... you can FINALLY start to live the life you deserve and you've always wanted...

The options are up to you... You will have all the freedom to do whatever you want, when you want and how you want...

No restrictions whatsoever.

So, get started now, just click the button below that say "Get Instant Access" and you're on your way to unlimited lotto wins


Yes, Glen! I'm Ready To Start Winning More Lotto Prizes, Starting NOW!

I don't want to wait anymore... I know there is no time to lose.

Thanks for your incredible 12 month 'no lose' guarantee, also. This takes all the pressure completely from me...

And... I get to keep these bonuses (worth $106.95) with regards from you:

Super Bonus #1: Formula 1 Lotto System Win Predictor (value $57)

Super Bonus #2:
You own customized and personalized Max Chance For US Powerball 1/59 - 1-39 Top Prize (value $49.95)


Super Bonus #3: FREE Lifetime Upgrades to the Formula 1 Lotto System software. (value $197.00)







10 Reasons Why The Formula 1 Lotto System IS So Successful At Creating Lotto Winners!
1. Developed By A Respected 64 Year MIT Professor 27 years ago.
2. 100% Rock Solid - 12 month 'no lose' MONEY- BACK Guarantee!
3. Win 8.7 times out of every 10 games you play.
4. The Most Respected Lotto System On The Internet. Sold For 14 years offline and now  8 years online.
5. One-Time Payment!



Immediate and Exclusive Access To The Secure F1LS Website!


FREE Lifetime Upgrades To The Software.


Use with ANY Lotto Game Worldwide.


Thousands of people winning every week.















If you really want to win big playing lotto, this will probably be the most important day in your life...

Picture a few months from now, when you will be able to win ticket after ticket after ticket...

You will see how the numbers from your favorite lottery match up precisely the numbers in your ticket...

You will hear the voices of your loved ones cheering you and celebrating your success.

And you will feel a great sense of achievement, for being able to be smarter than the regular players and beating the odds.

When you live the ultimate lotto ecstasy, I bet you will think upon this moment... When you took the critical decision of DOING something to make you successful.

This is what happened with me... and I want you to experience the same thing ... over and over and over again.

To massive lotto winnings,

Glen Hooke

P.S.: LATEST UPDATE! The 'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System' package will likely stop selling soon. This software is "insider" material and we want to keep it that way.

I can only guarantee you'll get access to this system, if you secure your copy now.

P.P.S.: After you win, please send me an email with your exact winning experience so I can celebrate by your side.














Here are just a few more of the emails I've received from people all over the world that are winning right now using this system:

(Maybe these will give you a glimpse of inspiration...)

$37,450 In The Last Four Months”

"Hello Glen,

First, I want to send my warmest regards to Formula 1 Lotto System team.

I always knew that your system would work. I don't know what it was about it but I had a really good  feeling about using it. Maybe it was those little wins I had in the beginning.

But I wasn't prepared to win $37,450 over just a two week period.  I've used the money to open my own small business and open two accounts for the kids’ college fund.

I've  already recommended the system to some of my friends. You have changed my life.

Thanks, Formula 1 Lotto System!"

-- Alex,
Kentucky, U.S.

“The Biggest Surprise Ever!”

"Hello Glen,

When I bought this software, I was not expecting much. I was hoping for something like €400...€500 max.

As soon as I played the first ticket from my life, I had a shock. I had won ₤8,500. For two days, the kids and I were excited, celebrating...

I cannot tell you how exciting and satisfying is playing with this software. I'm extremely pleased and I will recommend it to everybody who deserves it."

--Laura J.,
Lyon, France

“Formula 1 Lotto System is pure GOLD”

“Do you know what the Eldorado of winning is? Luck? Nope, it's knowledge. You must know how the system works and use it to your advantage.

This is exactly what this software can do...give you an advantage.

Formula 1 Lotto System is pure GOLD. In my opinion.

-Richard Grey,
New Zeeland

“Formula 1 Lotto System Works Like Crazy!”


When I first visited your page, my brain started fantasizing.

After seeing how many played successfully I decided to buy your system.

Now, using this software, a single day doesn't get passed without me congratulating myself for this decision.

I was almost shocked the first time, when I played and won ¥50,000. The second time I won, I was still a bit surprised...

Now, I'm at a point where I expect to win at least something every week..

Thank you for your kindness in sharing this."

--Ewen P.,




















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